Research Human Resources research is critical for companies to assess the ideas, opinions, and attitudes on a variety of workplace topics.
Survey Design A successful survey design starts with identifying all the key elements of information that are needed, while aligning the questions to achieve the desired objectives.
Printing Sentenium’s print and mail-processing center can handle large scale survey campaigns, using quality control procedures, checkpoints, and technology systems.
Data processing Sentenium is capable of processing data from multi-mode type platforms such as online, paper, mobile, and kiosk systems while providing timely and cost effective results.
Translation As a comprehensive solution provider, we can incorporate translation services to shorten processing and printing time.
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Sentenium uses its expertise from a wide range of industries to meet companies' goals and objectives. We help clients to create and implement the strategies that will give them the best return on investment.
Mobile Polling
With our mobile app tool, Sentenium can help you administer surveys, allowing users to take a survey at their convenience.


Sentenium is a top market research firm and human resource research organization. Sentenium covers a wide spectrum of the Market research arena from designing customer satisfaction surveys to understanding the multicultural research market that is evolving as consumer demographics and behaviors change. As a top market research firm, Sentenium can provide a comprehensive solution in gaining valuable insight that includes multi-mode data collection services, Turnkey operational services, along with public opinion polling research.


Having an extensive Human Resource background as its core, Sentenium is poised to help your organization with conducting personnel and Human Resource management research studies. With a background in Organizational development, Sentenium is qualified to provide all of your Human Resources research needs.


Over the years, Sentenium has built the foundation as a full service organization that can provide strategic solutions, operational support, and survey research services that can be invaluable to an organization.

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    "Sentenium is an extremely reliable company that provides us with the flexibility to complete our projects efficiently. If we have a request, they help us out. When our company needs to make last minute changes to a project, Sentenium always helps us come up with creative solutions to meet our deadlines. Sentenium is a great company to work with. I feel that Sentenium works well to support our needs and is willing to go above and beyond what's requested."
    - The Great Place to Work
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    "Sentenium's value is in their overall professionalism and ability to complete projects in a timely and effective manner to achieve quality results."
    - Price Waterhouse Coopers - Saratoga Division
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    "Sentenium is a company that focuses on their customer service. I rely on them to competently manage the survey process accurately and efficiently. They are accessible when I need to reach them and keep me updated on their progress. Overall, Sentenium provides professional, quality services with a flexible staff to meet my needs."
    - Korn Ferry.