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Sentenium can provide research and analysis on various research projects for your organization. We can provide HR research, market research (multicultural), political research and legal research.

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Case Study:  Chocolate Manufacturing Company

Profile: From Well known, family owned chocolate company in San Francisco Bay Area, CA. Like any manufacturing company that is focus on sustainable growth, competition, and managing the wellbeing of their employees, this chocolate company needed to find the best platforms with the right methodology to engage their employees to participate in an employee safety program.

Case Study
Case Study
Case Study:  Kaiser Center For Health Research

Profile: Conducting surveys to gather valuable insight is critical for advancing knowledge to improve health care.  Kaiser Center for Health and the National Dental Practice-Based Research Network wanted to re-evaluate their approach to achieving increase response rates, while decreasing a perceive bias from a single mode platform proved challenging.

Case Study: Outsource Solutions Provided For HR Consulting Firm

Profile: A major HR consulting firm assists companies in gaining valuable employee insight, identifying opportunities for improvement, measuring employee morale, minimizing risks, and increasing the competitive position of their clients.

Case Study
Case Study
Case Study:  Pre and Post Training Evaluation Survey Research Solutions

Profile: A Multinational Energy corporation with operations in several countries instituted a Computer Based Training (CBT) program on Global Information Risk Management (IRM).  Establishing a baseline will allow an organization to make a pre/post training comparison to help understand whether key objectives in the training have been learned and put into practice.

Case Study:  Property & Casualty Insurance

Profile: Well known Insurance Company that strives for excellence with endless customer care while improving their bottom line. By working with the right survey research partner your organization can harness their buying power.

Case Study