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About Us
About Sentenium

Sentenium was founded in 2004 as a spin-off from a Human Resources consultancy company called PeopleFocus. Sentenium morphed into helping organizations with small and large-scale survey research and data processing projects.

With our U.S. headquarters located in Pleasant Hill, CA, Sentenium developed into a multifaceted survey research, design, printing, data processing and translation company that offers on-demand, as well as comprehensive solutions to an organization's needs.

Sentenium Commitment
At Sentenium, we are committed to delivering the best quality data to our clients and applying practical industry experience and expertise to help them meet their business needs.

With our certifications and memberships with MRA (Market Research Association) and AAPOR (American Association for Public Opinion Research), along with our in-house expertise and external resources, Sentenium can deliver the services and consulting demanded by our clients. Over the last decade, Sentenium has provided extensive research expertise for the demand of Survey Design, Data Management, Processing, and Translation services.

With our advanced tools and delivery platforms, Sentenium is positioned to meet the significant and ongoing demands of survey research. With our flexibility and ability to evolve over time, along with our advanced procedures, Sentenium is qualified to help clients gather valuable data and insight throughout their survey research projects. Our Northern California Supplier Development Council certification can be a catalyst for new projects and campaigns.

From a research and analysis perspective, you can count on Sentenium to bring a wealth of expertise, specializing in various stages of research, data collection, and various types of research needs.


With over ten years experience, helping and playing a critical role in administering survey research for participating S&P 500 companies across continents, Sentenium is positioned to help small and large organizations with their survey research projects. Our experience in various industries and market segments will help enhance the effectiveness of capturing the appropriate data and analytics for better results and reporting.

Sentenium's experience in data management and printing services will help you manage, sort, process, and analyze data effectively and efficiently. With our rigorous approach and experience in filtering and cleaning data, Sentenium can effectively assure the quality of data that is necessary to affect change. Our processing experience uses a variety of validation checks and tests to ensure the accuracy and completeness of the data.

Whatever your survey research needs may be, Sentenium has the experience in designing, administering, processing, and reporting the data that is critical to gauge the pulse of your organization or the effectiveness of your campaigns.

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    Corporate Social Responsibility

    Sentenium is committed to being an environmental leader through its environmentally friendly offices. In addition to printing most surveys on recycled paper, Sentenium recycles unusable computer equipment, cell phones, ink cartridges, and paper products. Reusable materials and equipment are donated to local not-for-profit organizations. We strive to be an environmentally responsible business within our community and participate every year in events such as Earth Day.

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    "Sentenium's value is in their overall professionalism and ability to complete projects in a timely and effective manner to achieve quality results."
    - Price Waterhouse Coopers - Saratoga Division
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