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Data Processing
The Sentenium advantage

We gather data through a variety of methods: telephone, scanforms, the Internet, mobile devices, and mail campaigns. Through Sentenium's complex and comprehensive data processing structure capabilities, Sentenium is able to provide timely and cost effective data results, while maintaining high standards of accuracy.

Sentenium Data Processing
Accurate and usable data for everyone
Educational Institutions
Educational Institutions:
Evaluate programs and curriculums.
Government and Non-Profit
Government and Non-Profit:
Measure the use and impact of social programs.
Customer Service
Customer Service:
Run an ongoing customer feedback program.
Solicit and accumulate feedback from target markets.
Training/Human Resources
Training/Human Resources:
Administer tests, questionnaires, evaluations, and performance reviews.
Small Businesses
Small Businesses:
Perform studies that explore unmet market needs.
Gather and present new industry statistics.
Conference Organizers
Conference Organizers:
Gauge attendee satisfaction.