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In any given year, Sentenium will print, mail, and collect hundreds of thousands (sometimes millions) of paper surveys. Our print and mail processing center allows Sentenium to handle large scale survey campaigns, using quality control procedures, checkpoints, and technology systems. Small or large-scale survey projects are a part of Sentenium and offer flexibility with quick turnaround. The flexibility, as well as cost-effectiveness, are the key differentiators when employing Sentenium, which makes us appealing to clients large or small.

Over the years, Sentenium has developed and honed printing services because of our experience in processing data for many S&P 500 companies. Sentenium plays an instrumental role in administering and processing paper research surveys that are conducted annually to gather data from S&P 500 companies.

Should you choose to handle the printing and mailing yourself, Sentenium will be there to help every step of the way, streamlining the setup.

Sentenium Printing
Working with Sentenium offers flexibility
  • Print only
  • Mail only
  • Print and Mail
Print Options

Sentenium offers both OMR (Optical Mark Recognition) and OCR (Optical Character Recognition) options. With OMR, you are able to capture marks. With OCR, you are able to capture images, as well as text.

Should your research project involve low- or high-volume scanning of printed forms, Sentenium can explain the advantages and disadvantages of each technology. Sentenium will recommend the best option based on your specific project requirements.

Sentenium will design and set up the survey forms, which are then processed once you approve the completed surveys. In the case of printing, certain situations will require Sentenium to handle the printing altogether for quality assurance purposes. One example would be projects that involve OMR surveys because these types of surveys require special ink, paper, and handling.

Sentenium Printing
Mail (Distribution) Options

Sentenium, as a service, can provide reminder letters and cover letters. Over the years, based on practical experience, Sentenium discovered that reminder letters (paper) will increase response rates. Sentenium will provide reminder letters, cover letters, and introductions to increase response rates, as well as alert the survey takers. Sending out by email alone, along with other digital reminders may end up in spam or be forgotten altogether..

Sentenium's in-house mail processing center handles massive volumes of outgoing and incoming surveys. Therefore, Sentenium is well equipped to handle your survey packaging, mailing, and distribution needs.

Outgoing Mail

With our operations team, as well as processing machines that have the ability to fold, insert, and meter your surveys, Sentenium has the capability to distribute various types and sizes of surveys, while sending them to your desired audience as quickly as possible. We have the ability to expedite the process, while also minimizing improper addressing, which results in non-deliverable mail. We can host your presence with our mail permit.

Sentenium Printing
Incoming Mail

Respondents can send their completed surveys back to our mailing center directly, or they can send the surveys to a U.S. P.O. Box for us to retrieve. Sentenium offers flexibility with your incoming mail preference. As the surveys are collected, Sentenium's mail system and equipment will open, extract, and prepare them for data processing.