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HR Research

Employers are always striving to maintain a great working environment. Human Resources research allows employers to assess the ideas, opinions, and attitudes on a variety of workplace topics. We partner with our clients to execute the following human resources studies:

  • Employee satisfaction surveys
  • Exit surveys
  • Organizational assessments
  • Management / Leadership evaluations
  • Multi-rater feedback assessments
  • Training evaluations
  • Culture audits
  • Engagement surveys
  • Compensation / Benefits evaluations
Sentenium Research
Market Research

Market Research is an easy way to assess the ideas, opinions, and perceptions of customers, clients, or consumers. Sentenium offers a wide variety of Market Research options that allow companies to understand their demographics better. We offer both traditional and non-traditional methods of reaching a targeted audience. Some of these options are listed below:

  • Customer satisfaction surveys
  • Client satisfaction surveys
  • Consumer opinion surveys
  • Branding surveys
  • Insight sessions
  • Market saturation analysis
  • Mystery shop / competitor analysis

Sentenium Research

Multicultural Research

Our multicultural marketing research started with Hispanic consumers over 10 years ago. The demand for understanding Hispanic consumer behaviors has led us to research other multicultural areas that include Asian and African American markets. To maintain a competitive edge and to meet aggressive revenue goals, American companies are turning to multicultural research for the purpose of:

  • Understanding what the multicultural market thinks about their products and services
  • Utilizing this information and doing what they can to increase customer lifetime value among these segments and sub-segments
  • Adapting and catering to the emergent markets. The process should be repeated in order to one, measure if there's been a change in perception around the industry (competition) and products, and two, to keep up with a moving target, as multicultural markets grow, demographics change, and attitudes or preferences that are true now may be different in the years to come
Political Research

Measuring political views is essential in gauging the pulse of a political landscape. Predicting the outcome of a race or ballot measure requires data. Sentenium has the ability to conduct political research that assesses the popularity of ballot measures, as well as propositions. Sentenium can help with ranked choice voting and other political research campaigns.

Sentenium Research
Sentenium Research
Legal Research

Court cases often require a certain amount of data to be obtained in order to build a sufficient case or petition a change of venue. Sentenium can work with your experts to ascertain the data necessary to help you acquire the information you need. Some examples of projects Sentenium has worked on within the realm of legal research are listed below:

  • Timesheet data conversion and analysis
  • Job Analysis Questionnaires
  • Public impressions for change of venue studies
  • Mock Jury surveys